Conserving Land on the Isle of Wight

Wight Nature Fund (WNF) was set up in 1990 to purchase and manage land for nature conservation and for people.  We have worked with the local communities, conservation and other organisations to conserve parts of the Island threatened by development or neglect.  Representatives from the major conservation organisations found on the Island are working together to bring about awareness of the local countryside.

WNF now has 5 Reserves (see map, right) protected and maintained by a dedicated band of workers and supporters.   You are free to visit all the Reserves.  All we ask is that you respect their tranquility and appreciate that they are intended to protect and encourage the wildlife that inhabits them for you and for future generations.

Parking is limited and we recommend that if at all possible you travel by bus. Information and timetables are available at Southern Vectis offices.

Management of the reserves is a continuous process and if you would like to help we would be delighted to welcome you.  See the Contact page for details.

Please Note: we are not an animal rescue group (see Links page).

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