mcpic.jpg Mill Copse
map ref:   SZ357890 
bus route: 7 (Yarmouth) 
footpaths: Y1, Y19 

Mill Copse has been woodland for at least 400 years, and as such it is classified as ancient woodland.  Originally known as Barnfield Copse,it was once a woodland of oak and coppiced hazel, with other species such as wild cherry, field maple and spindle.

The older coppice management valued the cyclical cutting of hazel stools and the regular removal of standard trees.  In the 1960s the drive to increase the nation's timber production led to many Forestry Commission woodlands being felled and replanted with conifers.
Mill Copse was almost clear felled and a mixture of mainly conifer and  a few broadleaved tees such as beech and American oak were planted.  Little of the original wildlife of the wood survived.

We have cleared conifers from the north eastern side of the copse and planted over 300 hazel trees.  There is far more bird life now and bluebells, town hall clock and wood anemones have colonised territory formerly lost to conifers.


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